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Axis Mundi Series

The Latin term, axis-mundi, is used to describe sacred space or the linking of the soul and body. Axis mundi can be depicted using a variety of symbols: a cross, a black hole, tree, pillar, door, bridge, stick, etc… I use this term to identify a new body of work which is depicting things of a spiritual or meta-physical nature. In other words it’s about the stuff I feel, think and see.

My “Axis Mundi” drawings are a new series of works about spirituality. It is a coalescence of Western science and Indigenous wisdom, of sign and symbol, of puzzle and ethno mathematics, of personal and Tainui icons on paper. It references a private whakapapa of experience and questions; consequently it has a dubious hybridity, developing out from my Maorigami Series of 2006-7 (an earlier research depicting Zen origami and Maori kowhaiwhai in applied ethno mathematic systems).

My 2008 Axis Mundi Series - with its associated triangulated study (Mind, Heart, Body), is an odyssey home. It is a local searching – and researching, for a global epistemic and for “Taonga tuku iho”.

"The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths" (Bruce Nauman) James F. Ormsby, 2008.

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